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How to choose a heater


The weather is getting colder, and many friends are ready to buy heaters. For friends in the north, heaters can effectively solve the heating problem before and after heating. It is very necessary for families with children and the elderly to buy.

For friends in the south, the heating comfort of air conditioners is not as good as that of heaters. Without heating, heaters are simply too practical.

However, there are many types of heaters on the market, and the effects vary greatly. It is not easy to choose a heater with high quality, good effect, and suitable for your favorite. This article will share with you some popular science on heater selection, so that you can easily choose a heater that suits you, and let this winter be warm and gentle.

1. Introduction of various heaters

1. Fan Heater

The heating principle of the fan heater is to suck in the cold air in the room through the machine, and send the hot air out of the machine through the heating technology. The fan heater occupies a small space, the heating speed is fast, and the price varies greatly. High-quality fan heaters are quite worth choosing.

2. Baseboard heater

The principle of use is the principle of air thermal convection. The hot air continues to rise, and the cold air fills up accordingly to form air convection. Through continuous circulation, the entire room can reach a suitable temperature. The use experience is as comfortable as using floor heating.

3. Infrared heater

There are many types of infrared heaters, such as the common small sun, Yuba, etc. Its main principle is to increase the temperature by radiating heat from the heating element during operation. Infrared rays mainly include three types: near, medium, and far. The common far-infrared heaters on the market are more worthy of choice. Its heating speed is fast and the heating effect is also very good. Carbon fiber heating tube heaters are highly recommended.

4. Electric oil heater

Electric oil heaters are more common in real life, some are like movable radiators that can dry clothes. The inside of the machine is heat transfer oil, relatively speaking, the temperature will rise relatively slowly, but once it reaches the corresponding temperature, it will be very comfortable, even if the machine is turned off, it can maintain it for a period of time. It will not dry out during use and is very comfortable, especially suitable for families who need to dry clothes.

2. Which heater is suitable for various scenarios?

For the living room, office and other places, you can choose far-infrared heaters, baseboard heaters, and high-end heaters with fast heating speed, good effect, and larger area.

For bedrooms, far-infrared heaters and baseboard heaters are good choices with good effect, low noise and no dryness.

For local heating in public places, fan heaters and infrared heaters can be considered. The heating speed is faster and local rapid heating can be achieved.

For bathrooms and toilets, you can choose waterproof heaters, such as heaters, which are very good choices.

According to different scenarios, combined with the characteristics of various heaters, you can definitely find a satisfactory product.

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