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What is WRP Ratchet Puller


A WRP Ratchet Puller is likely a reference to a specific brand or type of ratchet puller or come-along. A ratchet puller, also known as a come-along or cable winch puller, is a hand-operated mechanical device used for pulling, lifting, or tensioning heavy loads. It typically consists of a ratcheting mechanism, a cable or strap, and a handle.

Here's how a typical ratchet puller works:

  1. Ratcheting Mechanism: The ratchet mechanism allows you to pull the cable or strap in one direction while preventing it from slipping back in the other direction. This mechanism ensures that the load remains secure once it's been pulled.

  2. Cable or Strap: The cable or strap is attached to the load you want to move or lift. One end of the cable is usually fixed, while the other end is wound around a drum or spool that's part of the ratcheting mechanism.

  3. Handle: The handle is used to manually operate the ratcheting mechanism. By pumping or pulling the handle, you can slowly and incrementally pull the load in the desired direction.

Ratchet pullers are commonly used in various applications, including construction, vehicle recovery, farming, and other tasks that involve moving or lifting heavy objects. They are especially useful when a manual approach is needed, and power sources like electricity or hydraulics aren't readily available.

If you have a specific WRP Ratchet Puller in mind, you may want to refer to the manufacturer's documentation or website for detailed information about the product's specifications, features, and usage instructions.

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