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What should be paid attention to when cleaning and maintaining the computerized flat knitting machine


With the improvement of the level of science and technology, weaving an item is no longer done by hand as before, but by machines such as computerized flat knitting machines. Maintenance work is also indispensable when using a computerized flat knitting machine, because after the computerized flat knitting machine has been used for a period of time, some dust will accumulate in the grooves of the needle grooves, which will affect the quality of knitwear that appears after weaving. It will have a greater impact, so be sure to wipe the needle bed parts frequently, that is, wipe the car. Pay attention to the following aspects when cleaning and maintaining the computerized flat knitting machine.

1. Push all the knitting needles to the knitting area to avoid damaging the needle latch when pulling the upper stopper iron.

2. After taking out the upper and lower plug irons and the needle bed pressure iron, they must be placed on the workbench in the original order, and they must not be mistaken. This is for the convenience of subsequent installation.

3. If there are rusty spots on the needle bed, you can use No. 0 emery cloth for sanding and smoothing treatment. You must not wipe it on the grid-shaped tooth mouth of the needle bed, otherwise it will affect to the straightness of the teeth.

4. When rubbing with emery cloth, never touch the front edge of the plug iron, otherwise it will be damaged and affect the use of the pressing needle.

5. Be sure to wipe the needle groove clean, otherwise these impurities will cause defects such as sparse needles or tight paths in knitted fabrics. After cleaning the dust in the needle groove, you can use the back of the broken hacksaw blade to remove it. If it is still not clean once, you can pick it again until it is clean, and then use a brush to pick out the grease and so on. Do not knock the needle bed over for convenience, otherwise it will damage the needle bed.

6. When wiping the car, be careful not to damage the position of the grid-shaped teeth of the needle bed. When the computerized flat knitting machine is in use, proper cleaning and maintenance measures can be taken to keep it in good working condition, avoid various problems in the knitted fabric and improve the quality.

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