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Lithium-ion Battery 14.8V 18Ah 266.4Wh for ROV


Lithium-ion Battery 14.8V 18Ah 266.4Wh for ROV

1.Introduction of Lithium-ion Battery 14.8V 18Ah 266.4Wh for ROV

Lithium-ion Battery 14.8V 18Ah 266.4Wh for ROV is special customized according to the customers project demands.

2.Product Parameter (Specification) of Lithium-ion Battery 14.8V 18Ah 266.4Wh for ROV

Lithium-ion Battery 14.8V 18Ah 266.4Wh for ROV
1Nominal Voltage14.8V
2Nominal Capacity18Ah266.4Wh
3Cell Model18650-3000mAh
4Cell Configuration4S 6P
5Maximum Continuous Current Draw *50A/60A/70A/80A/90ACE,RoHS or other cert can be applied from laboratory per required
6Maximum Burst Current Draw *132A(10S)7.3C
7Standard Charge Current3.6A0.2C
8Recommended Charge Current10A0.56C
9Maximum Charge Current20A1.1C
10Minimum Safe Voltage12.0V3.0V/Cell
11Fully charge voltage(FC)/Charge cut-off voltage16.8V4.20V/Cell
12Cycle Life≥500 times
13Balance Plug5 pin JST-XH
14Discharge ConnectorXT90S
15Thermistor Plug2 Pin JST-XH (NTC,β=3435K,R25=10Ω,±1%(at 25℃)
16Working TemperatureCharging: 0 to + 45℃/Discharging:-20 to + 60℃
17Physical (Maximum Size):
18Diameter74.2 ± 0.2mm
19Height146 ± 1 mm

3.Optional Cells Model of Underwater Rov/Rov drone Lithium-ion Battery 14.8V 18Ah 266.4Wh

ModelNominal Voltage(V)Nominal Capacity(mAh)Working Temperature(℃)Maximum Charge Voltage(V)Discharge Cut-off Voltage(V)Battery Weight(Approx.)Measurement(Φ*H)

4.OEM Development Process of Underwater Rov/Rov drone Lithium-ion Battery 14.8V 18Ah 266.4Wh

5.Feature And Application of Lithium-ion Battery 14.8V 18Ah 266.4Wh for ROV

√ High energy with high voltage

√ Green energy and pollution-free

√ Customize dimension according to your needs

√ Friendly environmentally

√ Wide operating temperature: -20℃ to +60℃,or -40℃~+85℃

√ Safety and reliable

√ Long cycle lіfe: 80% DOD after 500 times

√ Expected cycle life of a Li-ion in application is about 1,000+ times

√ No memory efficiency,discharge or charge at any time

Application of Lithium-ion Battery 14.8V 18Ah Battery 266.4Wh for ROV :

POS Machine,Underwater ROV,E-scooter,Headlight,Smart Wearable Devices,GPS Tracker,Electric Toys,Beauty Instruments,Aromatherapy Machines,LED lights,Quadcopters, Drones ,etc.

6.Production Process of Lithium-ion Battery 14.8V 18Ah 266.4Wh for ROV

7.Qualification of Lithium-ion Battery 14.8V 18Ah 266.4Wh for ROV

We have the above certification to help customer to win global market:

North America Certificate: UL

Europe Certificate: CE/ROHS/REACH

Asia & Australia Certificate: PSE/KC/CQC/BIS

Global Certificate: CB/IEC62133/UN38.3/MSDS

If you have any questions,please freely email us for helps.

8.Deliver,Shipping And Serving of Lithium-ion Battery 14.8V 18Ah 266.4Wh for ROV

Production Time:

- Bulk Order: about 25-30 business days after confirmed the order is confirmed

- For an urgent order, we can do it more faster, please send email to negotiate

Sample Time:

- Sample: about 10 to 15 business days after the order is confirmed

Please send email for samples,we will ship the samples to you Asap!

Delivery Method: 

- By Sea to Sea Port

- By Air to Airport

- Via International Express(UPS,DHL,FedEx,TNT) to door


Q1: What is your Warranty of the battery ?

A1: Usually 1 Year after production date,also can be 2 Year or more,to be discussed.


Q2: What Certificates do you have for the battery ?

A2: We have UL,CB,IEC 62133,BIS,UN38.3,CE,RoHS,KC,PSE certifications etc.

Q3: How can you ensure the battery with high quality standard?

A3: QC technicians implementing the total quality control in every process, including IQC,IPQC,OQC and FQC etc,and we have 133 Test Equipment to ensure the quality.

Q4: What is your L/T for the battery?

A4: Usually it takes 10 to 15 business days for samples,and 25-30 business days for the mass production.

Q5: Are you able to ship the battery to our country ?

A5: Yes, for air & sea shipment,we have MSDS doc to show Airline company and Ocean company to arrange the shipment.If in need,we also can help to apply the Certification of Air Transport and Certification of Sea Transport per your requested.

Q6: What is your shipping method for the battery?

A6: We suggest sample & small order to be shipped to destination through our cooperative shipper partners who have excellent UPS/DHL/FedEx service.For the mass production,we’d suggest to ship via Air to your Airport or ship by Sea to your Sea Port.

Q7: What percent of capacity battery charged when shipment?

A7: Normally 50% or so, because it will be safe for shipping.


Q8: How long can I store the battery ?

A8: We suggest to discharge & recharge the battery every 3 months,or not later than half year, it can keep battery full capacity & good function.


Q9: How can I pay for my order?

A9: You can pay us by Paypal, T/T, L/C at sight.

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