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How the spray tower works


The characteristics of spray pretreatment equipment:Spray tower, also known as washing tower, water washing tower, is a gas-liquid generation device. The exhaust gas is in full contact with the liquid, using its solubility in water or using chemical reactions to add drugs to reduce its concentration, so as to become a clean gas in line with national emission standards. It is mainly used to treat inorganic waste gas, such as sulfuric acid fog, hydrogen chloride gas, nitrogen oxide gas of different valence states, dust waste gas, etc.

The technology of wet swirl plate exhaust gas purification tower is more advanced in wet dust removal, and the effect of dust removal, desulfurization and spray removal of paint fog on the boiler is particularly significant, and the application is also very wide, and the dust removal effect is better than other wet process, and the humidity content of the purified gas is lower. Not only remove more than 95% of the paint dust, but also ensure that the gas humidity content is low, simple water filtration.

Spray pretreatment equipment advantages:

The scrubber has the advantages of low noise, stable operation, simple and convenient operation; Water washing waste gas treatment system, cheap, simple treatment method; Gas, liquid, solid pollution sources can be treated; System low pressure loss, suitable for large air volume; Multi-stage filling layer design can be adopted to deal with mixed pollution sources. It can economically and effectively treat acid and alkaline waste gas, and the removal rate can be as high as 99%.

Spray pretreatment equipment working principle:

Dusty gas and black smoke exhaust enter the bottom cone of the exhaust gas purification tower through the smoke pipe, and the smoke is washed by the water bath. After the black smoke, dust and other pollutants are washed through this treatment, some dust particles move with the gas, combine with the impact water mist and the circulating spray water, and further mix in the main body. At this time, the dust particles in the dusty gas are captured by the water. The dust water is centrifuged or filtered out, and flows into the circulation tank through the tower wall due to gravity, and the purified gas is discharged. The waste water in the circulation tank is regularly cleaned and transported.

Spray pretreatment equipment applicable industry:

Electronics industry, semiconductor manufacturing, PCB manufacturing, LCD manufacturing, steel and metal industry, electroplating and metal surface treatment industry, pickling process, dye/pharmaceutical/chemical industry, deodorization/chlorine neutralization, SOx/NOx removal from combustion exhaust gas, treatment of other water-soluble air pollutants.

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