Intarsia Textile Knitting Machine

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Ningbo Cixing Co. Ltd. was founded in 1988. After 30 years of entrepreneurship, Cixing Co.. Ltd. aims to promote industrial development and change and create customer value, and has developed into an Intarsia Textile Knitting Machine manufacturer of a certain scale; The leader of China's Intelligent Intarsia Textile Knitting Machine ready to wear equipment industry, breaking the international monopoly, is one of the first enterprises in China with the R&D and production capacity of Intarsia Textile Knitting Machine.

Cixing Intarsia Textile Knitting Machine STG3.132MC-U serious single carriage with three system models can be selected from the comb, using Logica integrated system. Newest cixing Intarsia Textile Knitting Machine It can meet your different requirements according to your needs with ultra-high cost performance. The Fully Fashion Knitting Sweater knitted by Cixing Intarsia Textile Knitting Machine has a variety of beautiful patterns, including cable, swelling, structure, intarsia , pointel, structure, and plate, etc.

Cixing Intarsia Textile Knitting Machine STG3.132MC-U no waste yarn to knit the fabric bottom, save the machine knitting waste yarn time, reduces the workload of employees. It greatly reduces the enterprise cost. The STG3.132MC-U model can prepare more complex patterns.

Feature And Application


Machine have fully automatic refueling device,system self-determined auto-oiling, when the time is up, automatically retueling and lubricating the jack and spring needles on the needle bed,avoiding the maintenance problems caused by uncertain artificial refueling times 

Safety door vi un infrared sensor

The infrared delecin function is added on the basis of the original trans Carent safety door. When there is something to blacking the infrared ray, the machine will automatically stop and alarm, which improves the safety of the machine and operators.and refueling quantity, greatly increasing the service life of the machine.

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