Multifunctional Solar Lamp

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Multifunctional Solar Lamp

1.   Product Introduction

This Multifunctional Solar Lamp is a multi-functional lamp that uses solar energy to generate electricity and store energy. Including the following main functions: solar power generation, LED lights with 3 level of brightness adjustment, 5V USB power supply and other functions.

2.Product Parameter (Specification)

Solar Charge time:About 8h, Depending on sun conditions;Led indication for charging Led indication for charging
Solar Panel:5V3W Solar Panel, MPPT with high efficiency
Light Run time:Over 40h with Low light
Charging mode:Solar panel or 5V USB charging
Battery:8.1Wh Li-ion NMC battery (2200mAh at 3.7V);The battery support for expansion to 18.5Wh
Light mode:3 lighting modes and emergency mode
USB Output:1 USB Port: 5V1A

3.Product Feature And Application

 This Multifunctional Solar Lamp has flexible application, can be used as Task Lamp Torch Lamp、 Working Lamp、 ceiling lamp、 floodlight、 camping light、 hand lamp、 garages、  barns 、sheds、 gazebo、s greenhouses and boat docks ect scenarios.


4.Product Details

This Multifunctional Solar Lamp has multiple functions in addition to lighting.

Solar Charge: Use solar panel for charging, green and free energy.

Lighting: Lamp with three lights mold and emergence strobe function.

three brightness modes: Adjustable brightness at High, medium, low mold(20/40/100lm); Emergency by 100lm.

Power Bank: 1 USB Port: 5V 1A , Could charge for mobile,USB fan and so on.

The product is  portable\ easy carry


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