Chinese Course HSK 1

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learn Chinese course HSK 1,Chinese lesson and Chinese video course online for free

Learn Chinese online for free with the Beihai Mandarin® Chinese course HSK 1. A total of 15 lessons in Chinese course HSK 1. Each lesson is around a theme, three scenes, each scene has 1-2 rounds of conversation, each lesson has 10-15 new words and 3-4 language points. Chinese course HSK 1 is designed strictly following the Chinese HSK level 1 outline of 150 words.

Chinese course HSK 1 Contents:

  • Lesson 1:Hello  你好
  • Lesson 2:Thank you  谢谢
  • Lesson 3:What's your name  你叫什么名字
  • Lesson 4:She is my Chinese teacher  她是我的汉语老师
  • Lesson 5:Her daughter is 20 years old   她女儿今年二十岁
  • Lesson 6:I can speak Chinese  我会说汉语
  • Lesson 7:What's the date today  今天几号
  • Lesson 8:I'd like some tea  我想喝茶
  • Lesson 9:Where does your son work  你儿子在哪儿工作
  • Lesson 10:Can I sit here  我能坐这儿吗
  • Lesson 11:What's the time now  现在几点
  • Lesson 12:What will the weather be like tomorrow  明天天气怎么样
  • Lesson 13:He is learning to cook Chinese food  他在学做中国菜呢
  • Lesson 14:She has bought quite a few clothes  她买了不少衣服
  • Lesson 15:I came here by air  我是坐飞机来的

In the Beihai Mandarin® Chinese course HSK 1, the content of each lesson is divided into mini Chinese video lessons of phonetic, grammar, vocabulary, dialogue, Chinese character knowledge,writing etc. Each Chinese video lesson is less than ten minutes. After learning each video lesson, we will provide another video of practice for learners to observe and consolidate what they have learned. Please follow the teacher's instructions in the video to listen, speak, read, write, type.  After watching the Chinese video lessons, you can do the quiz which attached to the video lesson and check your mastery. In addition, HSK 1 courseware PDF manuscripts of all key content can be download with the video lessons.

Lesson 1 and 2 of the Chinese course HSK 1 are the introductory stages of phonetic learning. They systematically introduce the basic phonetic knowledge of Chinese consonants, vowels, tones and syllable structures. The purpose is to make learners to fully understand and master the basic phonetic features of Chinese and lay a good phonetic foundation for further study.

From the third lesson of Chinese course HSK 1 , the emphasis of the course is shifted to the study of vocabulary, grammar, dialogue. In the course, you will learn different topics, such as talking about age, occupation, date, time, weather, expressing your experiences, preferences and so on. Our Chinese course HSK 1 will vividly show you the knowledge of the textbook, so that learners can understand better and use in daily life.

Our Chinese course HSK 1 lets learners learn happily, easily and efficiently. You can test your ability and level through the examination of Chinese HSK Level 1 after learning Chinese course HSK 1. I hope this course can help each learner to make a good start and go further on the way to learning Chinese.

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